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Updated the "Results of all matches" topic

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uploaded stream vod

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Happy Bday Pasha!

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Hey there, if you ever need a premium server make sure to check this out: http://limitlessrpg....me-Servers-More

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Hello everybody B) :ph34r:

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Hello guys ^^

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u suck

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shit clan

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Purple heart forever :)

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it was pretty cool,especially endurance and tournament event

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Thanks for coming to our Anniversary guys :) Hope you had fun!

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gonna check that

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Good evening fellas, if you want to test the 'race_ghost_spectate' when you're at SiK Private server press G when a map with a ghost vehicle comes :)

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Stay ded!

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cuz it's a new map,wait some time xd

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Yeah ikr such a world class map I still can't believe people are not choosing it in cws

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taffy good map Ryu Zi Mu :v

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hui taff

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Check skype noob xd i got good news

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I'm feeling like :V

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#567 AFE Interviews

Posted by Gametaff on 05 October 2016 - 04:58

So today I had the opportunity to talk with one of the oldest members of the team, starring today we have  [AFE]HenryPwn2d and it's time to know something more about him a little bit better. With no further words here we go with the questions!

*Conversation had place on skype the day 04/10/2016*


[AFE]Gametaff: When you started playing MTA? Tell me about your first days, also, have you been playing race all this time or had other teams before AFE?

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: I started back in 2009. There was a race server called "Drug race" or smth like that, I think it might have been a clan, not sure tho, didn't know anything about clans or teams that time. At some point I stopped playing race that much as I was leader of a RPG server, which stopped it's activity like in 2013, probably. Mrgreen I found somewhere in 2011, didn't play there much that time, in 2012 I created my gc account there, so I guess it's kind of a official join date. Before AFE I was in KoM and |CnT|


[AFE]Gametaff: Tell me about your AFE application, how you discovered the team? Or you were invited by any member?

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: I was just playing some race in mrgreen, I was in |CnT| then, and then Ryuzaki kinda told me to make application for AFE, so a week after or so I made it, and eventually got approved :DD


[AFE]Gametaff: How are you feeling in the team right now? And how is your relationship with most members by now?

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: Im feeling great, I don't really think I did as well as AFE expected me to when they approved me, but I think it's getting better.


[AFE]Gametaff: As you were one of the first members, how you felt when the clan was getting quite bigger?

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: Mixed feelings. Of course it's great to have new pro members, which made us one of the most powerful out there, but it also kills rookies. Don't feel offended any way pros  :lol:


[AFE]Gametaff: People in AFE you know the most? And also the ones you would like to know better

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: Ryuzaki, Haig, Stino and Military I guess. I don't know much about Mateoryt.


[AFE]Gametaff: What do you usually at your free time? And how is life in Estonia? ^^

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: I do kart racing, also big fan of motocross and rally. I also learn guitar, piano and I work in a restaurant. Estonia, great country, I live on quite a big island here, in a smaller town, with about 40k people, I think. People here are very friendly. :D


[AFE]Gametaff: Any expectations from the following National Cup? How is Estonian team going?

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: I have no idea what to expect, as I haven't done it before. Team Estonia, well, I think we know who drives at least :D


[AFE]Gametaff: I like your name xd, how you got the idea of it?

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: Henry is taken from my real name, obviously, and Pwn2d is not so much, but little similiar to my real surname xd


[AFE]Gametaff: Favourite activities? Do you also play other games or just MTA only?

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: Playing guitar, piano, racing karts, riding motorcycle. I play few ohter games, as Battlefield 4, GTAV, don't remember anymore atm. :rolleyes:


[AFE]Gametaff: In your perspective, why do you think Haig and Stinoking are always together? xD

[AFE]HenryPwn2d: They have exactly the same sense of homour u know, and they kinda feel like brothers to each other, beligum brothers. :P


Well that was the end of this interview, thanks for sharing your time Henry :D

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#881 Results of all matches

Posted by Gametaff on 12 February 2017 - 04:14

Only counting official matches:




Matches won: 19

Matches lost: 9

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#580 AFE Interviews

Posted by Gametaff on 10 October 2016 - 22:16

After a while I finally had the opportunity to ask Stinoking some questions and also most of you guys were requesting it so here you go, starring today Haig's best friend, our beloved Stino!

*Conversation had place on Skype the day 09/10/2016*


[AFE]Gametaff: So Stino, tell us about the beginning of how you started playing MTA for the very first time

[AFE]Stinoking: I started playing in 2012. The first server I ever played was Mr. Green, and that's where I still am today! Over the years I've also played on some freeroam servers.


[AFE]Gametaff: Ryu always trolling you about The Emphaty, Would you tell us the story of your band?

[AFE]Stinoking: Oh no, the band! The Empathy started in 2011, with 3 of my friends. The last year of our existence it wasn't the same anymore, we didn't have a lot of fun with it. We also had some arguments with our singer, so a month ago we decided to put an end to it! We've spend 5 years together and played over 80 concerts.


[AFE]Gametaff: As a former member of AFE, tell us how you guys created the clan or got the idea of it

[AFE]Stinoking: The clan actually started with Ryu asking Haig on the green server if he wanted to join his new clan, so Haig introduced me and that's how it all started


[AFE]Gametaff: How much the clan has changed since it was created until today?

[AFE]Stinoking: In the beginning we were kinda noobies, and everyone played every map :D Now with all the pros we are unbeatable! I really like all the guys in the clan, no dicks xD


[AFE]Gametaff: How is Stinoking’s daily routine? What do you like to do the most?

[AFE]Stinoking: I wake up, I take a shower, I eat and then I start making music or I go to school :D I play a lot of instruments, so I can record full songs all by myself! I love making music, and now that I don't have a band anymore, I can put all my time in writing for my own. In the evening I like to go to the gym to get out all my energy so I can sleep a little better at night :)


[AFE]Gametaff: Do you already know all members? Which ones you would like to know better? ^^

[AFE]Stinoking: I know all members except Rider, who seems like a very good player and nice guy!


[AFE]Gametaff: How is the clan momentum in your opinion?

[AFE]Stinoking: I think the clan momentum is very good, we like to have fun but we can also train for real when it's needed. From now on we have to win every clan war :D


[AFE]Gametaff: Tell us about your secret relationship with Haig xD

[AFE]Stinoking: Me and Haig met a few years ago on the green server, since then we talk almost every day on Facebook! We have sort of the same interests, so it's always fun talking with him :D we both have girlfriends, so I don't think we will ever be in a real relationship... :/


[AFE]Gametaff: Do you think the leaders of each section of the clan should pick the maps for any cw or you’d rather discuss them with the whole team?

[AFE]Stinoking: I feel like you should pick the maps you are good at or that you will be able to be good at. So if a clan leader can pick all maps, he's the only one who will like them all. So for me, I think it is something you have to take your time for, with THE WHOLE team. (me and haig still want our vortex map > :(


[AFE]Gametaff: Tell us about your favourite kind of maps in which you think you can do better than everyone else (eg. Circuits, offroad)

[AFE]Stinoking: Well... I'm kinda good with the vortex.. and I also like playing city + offroad combined maps!


[AFE]Gametaff: How is life in Belguim and which plans do you have for the near future?

[AFE]Stinoking: Belgium is shit and I really want to live in another country with better weather! I don't really know which direction I want to go, but I'm sure I'll be fine in a few years :) Thanks for the interview!


Again, thanks for taking your time for doing this hue

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#572 [CW] AFE vs IDC (16.10.16) [WIN]

Posted by Stroth on 08 October 2016 - 13:18


349 : 340


When: Sunday 16 October 2016 - Time: 18.30 CEST
Where: IDC server


AFE maps:
1. Buffalo Stampede
2. Infernus Technical Race
3. NRG Agility
4. LongShotC
5. [LS][Turismo][2]


IDC maps:
1. Voodoo People
2. Reaching The Limit
3. Birds on trees
4. Dragondakar 1
5. Synthwave

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#559 AFE Interviews

Posted by Gametaff on 03 October 2016 - 04:32

Hey everyone!


In this topic I'll be interviewing every AFE member if possible as I think this would help to get to know more about each other and also to try having a good time while talking about anything :lol:


So with nothing more to say... starring today our Animal Owner and leader [AFE]Ryuzaki

*Conversation had place on skype the day 02/10/2016*


[AFE]Gametaff: I know people may have asked this to you before, but how did all started? Tell me in short words how you decided to create AFE from the very beginning instead of searching for another clan

[AFE]Ryuzaki: I just wanted to create team for mrgreen ppl, where they can try to improve their skills. Also Bruno_Wilson told me, "you can't create your own team, pidor!". So, idi nahui Bruno_Wilson!


[AFE]Gametaff: How “Accelerate For Erect” came to your mind? You got any ideas from someone or it just was all of a sudden?

[AFE]Ryuzaki: About it we thought not so much time. First time we were just AFE, and about full name we thought already together with Stroth, Stino and Haig. We just wanted to create something like stupid

and fun name


[AFE]Gametaff: What’s your impression about the team nowadays? And also what do you expect from it in the future?

[AFE]Ryuzaki: I guess everything is good. The main thing for us that's save it, I think.


[AFE]Gametaff: One thing that I really like from this team is how communicative we are, was it the same on your previous teams? I mean, all members knew each other so it could be fun playing with them?

[AFE]Ryuzaki: Yeah, maybe it was in LSR, but they are...Russians, you know. Also in FoX it was fun, atleast should be, some of them was inactive that time I played for them. I love fox.


[AFE]Gametaff: Do you consider yourself a good leader? Tell me some things which you think you’re good and also the ones in which you consider you should get better

[AFE]Ryuzaki: Oh, I dunno. Thats how you think. I'm not sooo good leader at all, but I'm trying lel :v


[AFE]Gametaff: Do you find any pros and cons about dividing AFE into two teams?

[AFE]Ryuzaki: Yeah. Last time we got much powerful ppl and sometimes homies who's not so skilled just shouldn't play with us. So in Rookies you can play so much maps, as you want :') As cons...very few teams could be well enemies for Rookies. Need much training for playing with teams harder than SSR.


[AFE]Gametaff: Tell us something about yourself (hobbies, music, etc)

[AFE]Ryuzaki: haha idk what I can answer, I love AFE, I love core music and many more stuff XD


And that was the end, thanks to Ryu for taking his sweet time for answer all questions  :D Hope to do the same with you guys soon!

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#18 AFE Memberlist

Posted by Ryuzaki on 16 March 2016 - 17:20

  Nickname Rank Activity Country Joined
  Ryuzaki Creator Active Russia 25.01.2016
  Aveng3r Leader Active Russia 06.05.2016
  APFEL Elite Inactive Latvia 27.03.2016
  GameTaff Media Active Peru 09.08.2016
  HenryPwn2d Member Active Estonia 14.04.2016
  Haig Member Inactive Belgium 25.01.2016
  Stinoking Member Active Belgium 25.01.2016
  Omega Member Active Bulgaria 27.04.2017
  Startseva[RUS] Member Active Russia 10.05.2017
  Nint Member Active Ukraine 22.10.2017
  Stroth Member Active Netherlands 04.02.2018
  BurN Member Active Poland 30.03.2018
  Military Retired Inactive Belarus 19.02.2016
  Airy. Retired Active Germany 13.03.2016

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#1361 Pictures of thyself

Posted by Nint on 26 October 2017 - 16:55

Not fat, not tall so much xd



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#1189 Toptime challenge #1 [7. jul. — 23 jul. 2017]

Posted by viper. on 07 July 2017 - 20:52




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#974 AFE Interviews

Posted by Gametaff on 23 April 2017 - 15:33

It's been a while since I felt like doing an interview to one of our members, well as the first one of this year in this edition we will have our newest member Viper who thankfully took his time to answer these questions, let's begin!
*Conversation had place on skype the day 17/04/2017*
[AFE]Gametaff: Viperino, how the story with 'TC begun? I heard you were offered to creace the race section there and also how you decided to join after it? 
[AFE]Viper: Yeah one of the members of TC invited me to create the race squad there. At first I didn't think about it seriously but then SRC closed and there were some interesting players looking for a clan and I wanted to try myself as a leader so I decided to collect a team of players and start a new racing team.
[AFE]Gametaff: How much time have you been playing this game? Also, tell us the story of how you got into MTA :D
[AFE]Viper: I started MTA on the beggining of 2014. At first I played DM race and DD on a server called "toxic" and I had a nice time there. When I was a kid i used to play a lot of SA-MP, then I took a few years break. After those years I stumbled upon some MTA video on youtube and I decided to download it, that's how it started.
[AFE]Gametaff: How would you describe yourself. I mean, outside the game-scene
[AFE]Viper: I would describe myself as a quiet and calm guy, nothing really interesting about me, huh.
[AFE]Gametaff: What does the real viper enjoy doing everyday (aside from playing MTA ofc) any favourite kind of activity?
[AFE]Viper: I like to go karting from time to time, I guess that is my favourite activity
[AFE]Gametaff: Have you found any difference between playing for other teams than here? How do you feel about it :P
[AFE]Viper: Small teams > Big teams. Atmosphere in small clans/teams is much better in my opinion.
[AFE]Gametaff: What do you like and hate the most?
[AFE]Viper: I love lasagne. I hate lies
[AFE]Gametaff: Who are the first guys you met playing here, do they still play this game? Also, give me your honest opinion about playing at Mr.Green xD
[AFE]Viper: Jekorgi, he was in SGA once, currently in TC, Nicki from FoX. And FALTy, you know that guy. Oh and about Mr.green 
[AFE]Gametaff: Do you play other games? In which other ones you consider good at?
[AFE]Viper: I play Europa Universalis IV, and battlefield games, I don't consider myself good at them, maybe except BF3 in which i have the biggest experience
[AFE]Gametaff: Tell us something about your place, how is life in Poland? Would you like to visit any other country?
[AFE]Viper: Life in Poland is quite dull, I would love to travel the world, visit some interesting places, not cold ones though, maybe Americas.
[AFE]Gametaff: Favourite subject from school? If you ever had one favourite hahah :)
[AFE]Viper: I like geography the most I guess :v
I finally uploaded this, I've been busy these days but thanks for reading folks! cya next time

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#912 AFE News - January/February 17'

Posted by Gametaff on 01 March 2017 - 18:14

We didn't have that much news on January so I decided to put both first months of the year news in one topic, well here is what happened in these couple of months :)


08.01 The first stage of the MTA Racing Championship by Kaaskoop aka Stroth started with a lot of players who took part of it. Our members Ryuzaki and APFELITO finished 4th and 7th respectively, nice work dues!
16.01 Our latvian bro APFEL turned 22 this day and we even made a topic for his bday :D
23.01 Flawless joined as a trial member
25.01 Accelerate For Erect is now one year old! Thanks to all of you guys who are part of this community of pidors and cebulkis, we had an event for our aniversary where our bros APFEL and r1d3r finished 4th and 10th respectively
01.02 Flawless was kicked out of the team (didn't have time for cws)
11.02 We had a "fun clan war?" against NKC and it was our very first competition as a team this year. Fortunately we managed to win with a sligthly difference:
        AFE 366 - 330 NKC
11.02 Updated the "Result of all matches topic"
12.02 The second stage of the MTA Racing Championship began with an amazing victory from our dude Aveng3r, congratz man! viper also finished 11st, keep it up guys!
13.02 Viper joined as a trial member
18.02 IDC Anniversary tournament begun and our participation started in the group A with CrF with a comfortable result
        AFE 375 - 289 CrF
          Our next encounter was against FoX who didn't have their best players but we managed to get a good result
        AFE 427 - 247 FoX
          Finally, the last match of the day was against SiK and it was the first match between both teams in their history, after a very intense cw we lost in the very last map because some of our members failed               hard xd
        AFE 343 - 355 SiK
          Also viperino became a full member, congratz man!
19.02 After advancing as the 2nd team in group A we had to play against the 1st in group B which was SGA. The cw started kinda good but after some weird picks by SGA and a lot of discussion between our               own members we lost and had to fight for 3rd place against the loser between IDC and SiK
        AFE 290 - 405 SGA
          Our last match of the tournament was against SiK again, this time we had our revenge and managed to win the 3rd place of the whole tournament after defeating them in another exciting cw
        AFE 390 - 304 SiK
20.02 We now have an official Steam group, join us! http://steamcommunit...elerateForErect

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#868 [AFE] A year of accelerating for erect!

Posted by Ryuzaki on 25 January 2017 - 13:35


Accelerate For Erect


Hey guys! This day, 25th January is official birthday of our little community, congratulations for 1 year!

We had a great time while we played together, I want to thank everyone who was with us but left for some reason, and sure, those guys who keep staying here despite all troubles and obstacles we had. Without you those things that we have achieved would be impossible.

Well, I can talk about that very long time and you already know about all those things, so I just wanna wish us that we'll stay as good team till MTA die. If somebody wants to say something more than me, you can leave that in comments huehue.



AFE Birthday Event


I want to announce an event (supported by Stroth) which will happen on our server this Sunday at 20 CET. (just search for AFE and check where people is) We'll be glad to see everyone who will come, there is a long map down the SA with fuel script. ( just for fun, classic of last month lol) 

If you need some more info, you can ask about it here


Happy birthday team, stay cheeky breeky!



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#817 [AFE] We got new server!

Posted by Henry on 23 December 2016 - 15:15

I am happy to announce that AFE finally got our new server up and running for christmas!


Server is located in Paris, so it should be good ping for everybody.


Name: AFE Racing | afe-racing.com



Merry christmas everybody and enjoy new server!




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#778 AFE GP Series 11.12.2016

Posted by Henry on 08 December 2016 - 00:05




Race 1


This Sunday on AFE Racing server 20:30 CET

You can register only when you are member of AFE.

If not member of AFE you must be invited by APFEL.

After first race there will created Championship Standings table




Number of laps: 15

It will take approximately: 45-60 minutes

Ghostmode: ON

Respawn: OFF

If you die or run out of fuel, you get DNF, so watch out for hp and fuel.


How fuel system works:


Before start of the map you get to choose how much fuel you want to carry out of start. The more fuel you carry, the slower your car is:

     1/4 (quarter of tank)

1/2 (half of tank)

3/4 (thee quarters of tank)

4/4 (full tank)


Obviously, you can refill your tank, when running low on fuel.

For refilling/repairing your car you need drive into gas station and hit white marker, refilling full tank takes about 1 minute.


Fuel system is not made by me, I only modified it.


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#549 [AFE] Street Outlaws - Sunday 13 November 2016

Posted by Stroth on 02 October 2016 - 12:40




When: Sunday 13 November 2016 - Time: 20.00 (Amsterdam, Netherlands Time)

Where: AFE Racing server


We will play 10 brand new AFE-maps!
All online AFE-members will play every round!
Points, rounds and ratio will be calculated after the game!
It's all about: who's the Most Valuable Player of Accelerate For Erect!


Registered members:

1. [AFE]Airy

2. [AFE]Haig

3. [AFE]Apfel

4. [AFE]Tesla

5. [AFE]Stroth

6. [AFE]R1d3r

 7. [AFE]Ryuzaki

8. [AFE]Aveng3r

9. [AFE]Hakuhei

10. [AFE]Stinoking

11. [AFE]Gametaff

12. [AFE]HenryPwn2d


Prize for winner: € 10,-

Player with the best ratio (points/rounds) will get the title: 'Most Valuable Player' (will be shown in aftermovie).



Registering not required, just be there!


Only AFE members are allowed to take part.


Additional information:


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#524 AFE Teams

Posted by Stroth on 20 September 2016 - 20:06

This team-setups are made for coming clanwars.

As you can see we are able to play in three different groups.

1. Accelerate For Erect (all AFE members)

2. Elite

3. Rookies


Note: this is still in concept.

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#445 [Accepted] BurN app

Posted by haku_ on 07 September 2016 - 20:56





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#433 AFE dictionary

Posted by Gametaff on 04 September 2016 - 16:23

Time for some spanish lessons  :D



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#1187 Toptime challenge #1 [7. jul. — 23 jul. 2017]

Posted by morpp on 06 July 2017 - 20:43

SGA Private server

ohhh sorry i thought everyone can compete xDDD

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#1167 MTA screens

Posted by viper. on 25 June 2017 - 17:19

all are fake

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#1156 [Declined] Stroth's application

Posted by Aveng3r on 11 June 2017 - 22:11

1. there is only one afe server and it is mine

2. 2 euro per member every month

3. vedio is necessary

neutral until the vedio will be uploaded


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